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You will need to tell us:

1. Width of the timber

2. Depth (or height) of the timber

3. Length of the bit you want to cut off, including an allowance for the piece in the wall (bearing end)

4. Type of timber in which the replacement piece is to be priced (e.g. Hardwood or Softwood)

5. How many you may need

6. The total span of the beam between the walls or supports (free span)

7. What the timber does - joist, carrier beam, lintol, rafter, tie beam etc.

Click here for the Quotation Form

Holes bored ready to fit high tensile steel bars to a Timber resin SpliceTimber Resin Splice timber beam repair ends ready for despatch

We Manufacture the Timber-Resin Splice beam to fit your existing damaged part.

E Mail me for help or send sketches, drawings or photographs to:


Top Slot Timber Resin Splice Design DrawingTimber Resin Splice fitted, epoxy resin poured into slots.

Timber-Resin Splice Type C Drawing and a real Timber Repair showing the resin slots filled.


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