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Laminated wood beams manufactured to your sizes

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We supply structural laminated wood beams for buildings, made to your dimensions:

* exact width, depth and length of the original

* made in matching timber type, (Oak, Elm, Pine, Pitch Pine, Douglas Fir, White Wood)

* treated with Boron based preservative, for Guaranteed long life

* Guaranteed for the life of the building

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Beams can be made to unusual shapes and for application as roof beams, floor beams, rafters, tie beams, bressumers, lintols and joists.

Examples: Pizza Hut replacement A Frame legs, nearly 3m long

Laminated Post

Timber-Resin Splice Beam End Repair Kits - two examples of beam repair and beam strength upgrade.


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Large spanning beams - bressumers or lintols


Example:a large section, 300mm x 300mm, (12 inch x 12 inch) lintol (bressumer) carrying the upper floors and bay windows of an Administrative Building in Plymouth University had suffered from dampness, causing severe Wet and Dry rot. The entire beam had to be removed, but because of propping difficulties and the need to keep all the offices functioning it was cheaper to install a new, laminated timber beam supplied in three parts, rather than one enormous steel section.

Plymouth University Carrier Beam holding up the first and second floor

Large Window Lintol/Bressumer Carrier being installed in a Plymouth University building.

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Large carrier beams - first, second or third floor supports

Example:a large section, 255mm x 300mm, (10 inch x 12 inch) carrier beam had been attacked by Dry Rot and insects leading to failure, due to defective roof valleys. The beam was manufactured in two pieces, for ease of transport and fitting. Unlike steel, it could therefore be easily lifted into place by hand.

Large replacement carrier beam

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Wood beams can be laminated to any size and length to be installed as roof beams (rafters, tie beams), floor beams (carrier beams, joists) or lintols (bressumers) for replacement of building beams, including laminated beams.


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