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How to prevent Dry Rot from damaging timber - install Fugenex Dry Rot Sensor Sticks

A simple to install treated wooden dowel that changes colour, from blue to yellow, in the presence of active early stage Dry Rot.

What does it do?

The Dry Rot sensor stick allows you to tell if Dry Rot is present at its earliest stages, in timber or masonry, giving you an early warning that action is required before your building is damaged

How is it installed?

By drilling an 8mm diameter hole to a depth of 110mm in the 'at risk' timber or masonry

How does it work?

The blue detector dye, that is vacuum impregnated into the wooden dowel, reacts to the chemical that Dry Rot produces - Oxalic Acid - at very low levels, turning the dye to yellow.

How much do they cost?

About £15 - £20 each if installed by a Specialist during treatment works, or purchase direct via our Order Page

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Dry Rot Sensor sticks are available singly or in packets of 8.

Dry rot  detector sticks - change colour  to yellow patches in active dry rotDry Rot in in a skirting board

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Dry Rot loves the space under a ground floor

suspended timber floor - dark and damp.

Dry rot in a sub floor void - under a ground floor timber floorFruiting bodies - mushrooms - Dry Rot, Serpula Lacrymans

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Dry Rot 'clouds', like fluffy cotton wool - a rare form.

Lovely Fruiting Body of Dry Rot

1. Eliminate the moisture source and establish the extent by drill testing

2. Remove all decay back to sound timber.(Note - no need to cut back and scrap good wood))

3. Inject Boron Ultra Paste, apply Boron Gel and surface spray/brush with Borate powder in water, Boron Ultra 12.

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