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Article - sash window frame repair and timber window repair



Summary: wood window repair and the repair of window frames. Sash window repair and timber window frame repair.


REPAIR METHOD - window and door frames

1. Cut out all the decay - you could use an extended all-metal chisel, or buy a 3D Cutter from Property Repair Systems. These 3D Cutters fit any electric drill fitted with a standard chuck and are available in a number of diameters. The 3D Cutter is a high speed tool which drills and cuts sideways.

2. Stabilise and Prime - prime the decayed areas inside the holes or slots with Epoxy Primer.

3. Base fill or wood bond - fill up large holes with either Mouldable Epoxy Mortar or by bonding in a piece of undersized wood with Timberbuild Epoxy Resin.

4. Fine finish - for small cracks or slots, straight edges, mouldings and curves use non-slump Timberbuild Rapid.

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The biggest enemy of all types of timber frame is Water.

1. Penetrating damp - leads to rot and insect attack, even in treated timber, which is not always treated all the way through its thickness. Older buildings are most susceptible, especially where the frames sit on, or in the walls. Treatment with Boron based preservatives is essential if dampness has affected the wood.

2. Rot and Insect Attack - usually associated with dampness, but mainly in older, pre-Second World war properties, where solid, non-cavity walls or thick random stone walls support the frames. Treatment with Boron based preservatives is essential to stop the rot and insects from destroying the frame. These potentially damp areas require careful inspection with a screwdriver. Drilling with a small diameter Auger (10mm) is advised, if you have any doubt about the strength of a component.

3. Joint Failure - most frames were connected with Mortise and Tenon joints, plus wooden pegs or glue. These pegs tend to be eaten away by Woodworm and the frame legs then move, opening up the joints. Resin Repair, with epoxy-glass Tie Bars and injected resin, can solve this problem.

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There is always the possibility, in older properties, that your frames have dropped at one end because the timber has become rotten and compressed inside a damp wall.

Thanks to some incredible, yet simple technology (the Patented Timber-Resin Splice Kit) it is now possible to replace sections of all types of frames, including structural, load bearing timber frames in-situ.

If you need help with Timber Repairs, Rot or Insect Attack, or with timber treatment products Property Repair Systems staff will be pleased to give you completely free, no obligation advice on 01626 872886 .

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