Repair Woodworm Damage

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Types of Woodworm damage that can be repaired

Holes and voids - if less than 30% of cross section, fill with Mouldable Epoxy Putty

Flight Hole Damage - inject with Epoxy Primer/Consolidator

Ends and Mid Spans - replace missing parts with Timber-Resin Splices

Internal destruction - use the outer intact skin of timber as a 'dug out' and fill the void with Structural Epoxy Pouring Grout

How to repair Woodworm damage

1. Sound the timbers with a hammer and drill holes to establish the extent of the damage.

2. Cut out seriously weakened areas and (if less than 30% of the cross section is weakened, subject to survey) fill with Mouldable Epoxy Putty

3. Remove structurally damaged sections and replace with Timber-Resin Splices.

Mouldable Epoxy PuttyDrawing of a Type C Timber resin SpliceType C Top Slot Timber resin Splice repair units

Mouldable Epoxy Putty being mixed. Drawing of a Timber Resin Splice - Top slot. Actual Timber resin splices, ready to fit.

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How to treat and eradicate Woodworm

Mild damage - treat with Boron Ultra 12 by brush or spray

Moderate damage - de-frass & treat as above, and brush treat with Boron Gel

Severe damage - cut out damaged sections, repair with Mouldable Epoxy Putty or Timber-Resin Splice units.

Boron Gel being applied by brush

Apply Boron Gel by brush.

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How to prevent Woodworm

1. Ensure that dampness and humidity are controlled (e.g. ventilate roof and sub-floor voids)

2. Treat vulnerable timber surfaces with Boron Ultra 12 by spray/blower or brush. Treat end grain with Boron Gel.

3. Check annually until no more flight holes appear. Re-treat if further fresh activity appears after 5 years.

Microblower for applying sprayed Boron Ultra 12 into voids

Microblower for spraying Boron Ultra 12 into voids.

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Use wood preservatives and biocides safely. Always read the label and product information Data Sheet before use.

Wear the correct safety equipment and keep unprotected people and animals out of the treated area for the statutory period given on the label.

All products have some hazards and the COSHH Regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) apply to ALL building repair and construction products that we sell, even Cement.

If in doubt consult us for free technical help. Take care not to contaminate soil, waterways or the environment with the product or the waste and packaging.

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