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Woodworm and Rot Treatments

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Boron based products for Woodworm and Dry Rot treatment

BORACOL 5RH - Surface Treatment - how much you will need for two coats by spray

1. Spraying a terraced house - floors: 7.5 to 10 litres per floor

1. Spraying a detached house - floors: 25 - 35 litres of per floor

2. Spraying roofs - terraced house roof: 20 - 50 litres per roof, detached house roof: 30 - 90 litres per roof

Accessory Products for Boron based treatments:

Pump up Sprayer, 5 litre or 12 litre Knapsack type

Mask for water based sprays


Knapsack Sprayer suitable for spraying woodworm treatments

12 Litre Knapsack Sprayer for Boron Treatments

BORON BASED GEL - Surface Treatment - per brush coat

1. Smooth wood - 0.25 litres per square metre = 4 square metres per litre

2. Rough wood and the end grain - 0.5 to 1 litre per square metre = 2 to 1 square metre per litre

Boron Ultra Gel  in a lidded scew top pot, for brushing onto wood against rot and woodworm attack

Boron Based Gel - clear, no smell

BORON INJECTABLE GEL - into holes drilled in the timber - hole size and spacing

Boron Injectable Gel - 10mm diameter holes, drilled in to within 15mm from the opposing face, then 100mm centres along the length of the grain and 75mm centres across the width of the grain

Use Boron Injectable Gel for indoor timbers that are damp as an internal protection against insect attack and rot.

Usage rate - use our chart of hole spacing for various timber sizes as a guide, or call us on 01626 872886 and we'll calculate your exact requirements. (Hole Spacing Guide - click here to download)

Boron Ultra Paste in a tube, for injecting into damp or wet wood to protect against insects and rot

Boron Eco Gel - for damp wood

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