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How to Stop Rot in Glulam Beams

Glulam Beams and Laminated Timber Beams are frequently found to be decaying due to Wet Rot. It is caused by water ingress or Condensation, both in exterior Glulam Beam bearing ends (usually inside steel shoes) or indoors, due to high humidity (swimming pools) or water leaks. Metal brackets and bolts add to the problems, due to chemical attack between the wood and the metal.

We can stop this type of decay easily using proven Boron technology, commonly applied to Electricity Supply Poles and Railway Sleepers;

1. Insert Solid Sticks - Boron Ultra Rods - these dissolve for up to 3 - 5 years, giving a long term reservoir of the active Borate

2. Inject a Stiff Paste - Boron Ultra 78 - this dissolves more immediately, giving rapid protection

3. Apply a Gel to Fixings - Boron Ultra Gel - this lubricates bolts and screws and reduces chemical reactions between wood and metal

4. Isolate the Timber - Epoxy Structural Fillers - fill between bolts, plates and concrete, to avoid damaging water from entering the wood

5. Replace in Resin - Epoxy Cast Repairs - completely replace vulnerable sections in solid Structural Epoxy Resin

6. Redesign Drainage - re-route rainwater to prevent pooling and reset gutters and downpipes away from Glulam surfaces

Glulam beam rot - in a gymnasiumDelamination in a Glulam Post in an architectural feature in  a UK City Centre

Glulam Rot in a Gym, due to high humidity indoors, compared with Delaminated in a Glulam Post outdoors.

Glulam Beam Repair Methods

1. Rods and Injection - via 10mm diameter holes drilled at 120mm along the grain, 75mm across the grain

2. Gels - to all bolt holes, plate mounting areas, on all screws and nails, to all exposed end grain

3. Resins - to line all holes, plate mountings and metal 'feet' and 'shoes'

4. Repair Sections - to replace badly damaged sections

Wet rot in a swimming pool beam in a major UK School.

Wet rot in a Glulam Beam in a school swimming pool - this can be saved at this stage.

Click for a Site Case Study - produced by one of our Clients, Timberwise - Pizza Hut, Peterborough

Glulam Beam Repair Products

1. Boron Ultra Rods - 8mm or 10mm diameter, various lengths, in packs of 10, plastic plugs to suit.

2. Boron Ultra 78 Paste - injected into the same holes, 400cc cartridge with 8mm diameter extension tube

3. Boron Ultra Gel - brushed onto fixings and end grain, in 500cc, 1 litre and 2 litre pots.

4. Mouldable Epoxy Putty - sandable, paintable. In 1 litre pots.

5. Timberbuild Laminate Filler - fine surface crack and glue line filler. In 380cc twin cartridges. Sandable and paintable.

6. Structural Epoxy pouring and injection resins - in pouring and injection grades from 400cc to 7.5 litres.

7. Timber-Resin Splice kits - made to measure, matching laminations and timber species, colour and grain.

Large Glulam repair TRS ready to ship - supplied as a kit.Glulam repair TRS units in production - note the high tensile steel connection bars

Glulam repair pieces can be made in any size - they are supplied as Kits, with high tensile steel bars fitted.

Repairing Glulam Beam complete repair Sections

We offer an extensive range of Timber repair options for all types of buildings, including Churches, Sports Halls, Swimming Pools and Industrial Buildings, in order to avoid removal of structural timber beams

Glulam beams in A frames - hidden rot.

Glulam Rot in Structural Frames - indoors, in a Gymnasium. Pizza Hut Glulams, Peterborough, after repairs.

In many cases timbers can be repaired in-situ, from inside the building.

Timber-Resin Splice Repair Sections - new pieces of kiln dried, Strength Graded timber made to fit the damaged area, bonded in with epoxy

Timber Resin Splice Beam ready to fit

Timber-Resin Splice - a small, new Glulam Section ready for installation.

Cast In-situ Resins - Structural Epoxy Pouring resin and Injection Resins for rebuilding sections, using 'shuttering', where there is no access for a repair section to be introduced.

Boron Treatments - kill Dry Rot, Wet Rot and Woodworm inside the existing timber with Boron-based preservatives. Liquids, pastes, gels and solid rods of Borate all contribute to a long service life for damp timbers

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